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At the beginning of the 20th century, Vidago has became one of the most desired touristic village, the main Portuguese resort and among the most important in Portugal and Spain (Iberian Peninsula), destiny elected by the Portuguese and European aristocracy, searching for therapeutic properties of the famous waters.

Less than 60 minutes from Oporto’s city, Vidago is located Norwest at the Trás-os-Montes region, 16 km from the city of Chaves. Its located on a huge valley, surrounded by the Alvão and Padrela mountain ranges, where converge the river Avelames and the Oura riverside. At the north side we’ll find the Santa Bárbara’s peak, a place of great and nationalistic past. The geographic condition confers a pleasant microclimate to the village, with moderate winds that allow the practice of outdoor activities throughout the year.

Etymologically created from the word Vitis together with the name agrum, Vidago is probably associated to the farming of wine, extremely important activity in the past. Vitis agrum would mean field or land of wine, which would evolve from the popular Latin to Vidiado, giving later on the origin to the place name Vidago. The village has its records long before the 12th century, but its topography, favourable to strategic defence, its archaeology, its richness on mineral waters desired by the Romans and its topography, are facts that encourage some historians to acknowledge the existence of a settlement in pre-Roman times, that would make in Vidago their healing processes and also the passage of a commercial access road that would unite the ancient city of Aquae Flaviae to other cities at the Iberian Peninsula.

Until the discovery of the alkaline water therapeutic properties in 1863, Vidago was a small village, irrelevant on its continental geography, that would belong to the Arcassó parish until it passes on to village on the 20th of June of 1925.

It has became, at the beginning of the 20th century a touristic excellence village, the main touristic village in Portugal, among one of the most important throughout the Iberian Peninsula, election destiny of the Portuguese and European aristocracy, searching for its therapeutic properties of these famous waters. At the time, physicians would prescribe the water as a therapeutic method and would encourage the patients to walk the water’s path. The Vidago waters, naturally sparkling, started to be bottled in 1886 and still today they are considered as the best botled waters of the Iberian Peninsula.

Primavera Perfume Hotel
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